An Individualized Approach

Every kid matters. Every kid is known.


Provide authentic, career preparatory training to students with a passion for careers in film production, digital media production, and acting; to provide solid liberal arts education to students in preparation for college entry, as well as assisting students at risk of not graduating; and to assist in the character education and development of each student. 


Be a safe place where film and individualized education help students discover and realize their life goals. 

East Hollywood kids are "big fish" in a small pond—we have approximately 300 students and 35 teachers / staff.

Student Learning


Academic Success

  • We believe all students can learn.
  • We believe in developing broad academic literacy, which includes critical thinking skills fundamental scientific, mathematical, creative and cultural literacy.
  • We believe the keys to academic success involve achieving independent thinking and problem solving, and goal setting aimed at college and career readiness.
  • We believe in supporting each individual student's potential with tenacity.



  • We believe that we create a safe environment through positive and respectful relationships built on trust, consistency, and clear boundaries and expectations.
  • We believe in modeling positive relationships and conflict resolution skills so students can see first hand how adults handle conflict in a healthy way.
  • We believe in providing a positive and safe school environment that recognizes and respects individuality.



  • We believe in valuing both individuality and diversity by providing opportunities for creative work in the arts.
  • We believe that every student is an individual and their education should be approached that way.
  • We believe that in learning about students and their individual background (academic, social and emotional) we are able to foster their individual learning needs.



  • We believe in equipping students with the skills to overcome past failure and challenges for future success in the classroom and beyond.
  • We believe that through building positive relationships with students we can help them overcome obstacles to learning.